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What we believe

There are a handful of practices adopted by high-performing organizations that set them apart in today's increasingly complicated and competitive environment. Namely, transparent financial and programmatic operations, forward-thinking governance, employee engagement that drives results and loyalty, data-driven decision-making, compelling communications, and responsible and effective resource development.

What we do

and increase contributed income in a strategic and contemporary manner.

We help nonprofits look critically at their contributed revenue portfolios and make decisions about how resources of time, talent and energy are best spent. We help to create balanced, pragmatic fundraising plans steeped in decades of experience with organizations large and small. Using a multi-channel approach, our goal is to have our clients take advantage of every philanthropic opportunity to meet donors where they live, make the best case, and win competitive dollars.

data to inform smart decision-making.

We seek out and analyze client data in order to help them make more informed, strategic decisions about their businesses. We will review revenue and expenses exhaustively, ask copious questions, and tease out the metrics that will shed light on operations, and new earned and contributed revenue strategies.

your place in a crowded, competitive nonprofit landscape.

Few nonprofits operate in a professional peer vacuum. It’s likely that others have cleared a path in the field, and are operating in ways that can be instructive. Through research and interviews, we benchmark where a charity exists in the marketplace, and what it will take to propel the organization forward.

a wise, generous, nimble Board, and ethics-oriented governance structures.

We analyze Board composition, review current recruiting practices and make recommendations that will take a Board to the next level.  We look at how information is shared in the Board room and in the more frequent convening of committees. This work helps staff and their trustees engage in governance practices and decision-making in an ethics-oriented, forward-thinking manner.

upon transparent financial, programmatic and operational methods.

Sophisticated donors want to know that an organization is well-managed financially, and that their donations are being used judiciously and as promised in solicitation materials. We work with a company's executive, board, financial and programmatic leadership to create systems and structures that support transparent management across the entire organization.

collegial, results-oriented work environments. 

Effective, mission-driven programming depends on effective, mission-driven employees. Learn about sound recruitment practices that will attract the best employees, and on-boarding activities and motivational tools to keep them.

on sophisticated communication strategies.

Integrate marketing and development efforts to tell a consistent, compelling story to the public about your work. Learn how to build a communication coalition between your fundraising, marketing and programmatic arms and leverage your story in a multitude of ways. 

a change in leadership.

We provide short or longer-term interim executive and fundraising leadership to help smooth the transition between key executives. We keep the trains running on time and on budget, and can even inspire staff to step up and take on new skills that will increase their value and engagement when the transition is complete.

your network.

We make introductions and encourage you to collaborate with others who care about your cause or who are doing work in a similar space.  We also seek out the best event planners, graphic designers, and grants writers for your project so that you can stay focused on your mission and programs. Our network of talent is vast and has enjoyed many years of success in their specific areas of expertise.